What to Expect

  • A complete health history will be taken during the first visit. The health history will include all of the major body systems, any injuries or surgeries, traumatic events, major illnesses or other major events that may have impacted your health. My goal is to understand the health concerns that are most important to you.
  • Your specific goals will be discussed and clarified to make sure I fully understand your personal health and performance goals, and that the treatment plan that we develop is working towards what is most important to you.
  • I will complete a detailed assessment of your physical posture, overall movement ability (balance, coordination, efficiency of movment, etc.,), and general health of your brain and nervous system and how these relate to your particular problems.
  • Treatment may involve traditional physical therapy and hands on work, brain based drills, or corrective movement exercises. The specific treatment plan will be based on your specific health history, personal health and performance goals, and of course, the findings from your assessment.