I injured my back and came in to see Roger barely able to walk. After a year of appointments with different doctors, neurologists, numerous physical therapists, MRIs and epidurals, nothing was really improving. I decided to connect back with Roger who I had seen 15 yrs prior for an injury.

His brain based treatment approach is different than everyone else's. Of course, I was hesitant at first because I was so frustrated at this point and wanted a very quick fix.

When I started with Roger I couldn't  walk for more than 10 min because I was in so much pain. I was considering back surgery and he talked me out of it. (so happy that he did)

With following his exercises / advice a few times a day In just over 1 month, I was able to move and sleep better again and shortly after recovered completely.  I'm now able to do all the activities I enjoyed before and needless to say, Im so very very grateful to him for that. I cannot say enough great things about Roger. I feel so lucky and grateful for his level of knowledge.

Dina HovsepianClient

I first encountered Roger Yamanaka observing him working with clients at the gym I went to.  It was fascinating to watch the activities he had them do and to observe him correct people’s movements.  The precision, detail and intensity of the work he prescribed was impressive and nothing like I had ever seen a physical therapist do.

When my own multiple pains began to be unmanageable, I made an appointment with Roger.  I was sure I needed a hip replacement, a knee operation and probably shoulder surgery!  Roger’s exercise regimen and treatments slowly but surely began to heal my joints.  He emphasized strengthening and modified my exercise routine, adding, taking away, and emphasizing alignment and precision.

Over time, Roger has added new and different activities that have countered pain that have been surprising and effective.  I am constantly impressed at Roger’s commitment to his clients and to continuing his education and understanding of the human body, and the mind-body relationship.  I have been seeing him probably about 8 years now and recommend him with no reservation.

He is also kind, thoughtful, rigorous and insightful.  I can text him at any time if anything comes up.  For those willing to work, to apply what Roger recommends, the fruit of the labor will be evident in more ease and better physical and mental health.  I cannot recommend him enough.

Stephanie PincetlClient

I have been to countless doctors and physical therapists over the years. The solutions that were presented to me were ineffective. Then I met Roger. I knew from the outset that he was different. He asked me questions and made connections between my various issues that no one had before. Instead of treating each issue separately, he uses the latest research on the brain and how it relates to the other systems in the body with the goal of making them work together more efficiently. As a result, I have achieved goals that I never thought were possible. He is truly gifted and has completely changed my life.

Kim Crowley PH.D.Client

I met Roger several years ago at the advice of a friend he had treated and frankly, he is a life saver. My neck was clicking with every turn and he evaluated what was going on with me and guided me to a better place with less pain with no more clicking.

If I had to choose one thing about Roger that I want to share with others, it is he teaches you how to take care of yourself so when you don’t have time to see him, you know what to do to feel better. He gives life-changing instruction and makes it so easy to learn and even fun to do on a regular basis. I think everyone should try it.

Mitch BrownClient

Roger Yamanaka has a method of exercise and rehabilitation that is superior to anything I have seen or experienced. After breaking my ankle, Roger was referred to me because of his Pilates training. Not only was I able to return to Pilates, but my ankle now has a normal range of motion and I am able to wear high heels. Also, my 63 year old body structure has improved with a much stronger core. Roger is highly skilled and analyzes what each of his client need. He is technical and strict, but in a pleasant way with a keen humor that I enjoy profusely.

Modesta BassityCoordinator, Student Integration Svc, LAUSD

Working with Roger for physical fitness has been a joy – if a hard-earned one at that!  As a client, I appreciate the specific attention he gives to my personal fitness issues, be it working with resistance machines or Pilates. With his educational background, qualified certifications and vast experience, he possesses the knowledge to truly customize personal training. He’s also very aware of the occasional biomechanical problems that arise and need special care in order to avoid injury. Roger’s understanding and patience blended with his excellent motivational skills keep me wanting to strive for a stronger, healthier and more vital me.

Jane CentofonteEditor, Manhattan Beach

During my recovery from a major illness, my physician recommended physical therapy and exercise to increase my bone density and address my lower back pain.  As a physical therapist and personal trainer, Roger Yamanaka came highly recommended.

He quickly assessed my need for weight training and posture re-alignment.  Since our time together, my flexibility, bone density, core strength and overall well-being has improved remarkably.  “Not just doing things right, but doing the right things” requires a true depth of knowledge and enthusiasm. Roger’s expertise in the human body’s abilities is impressive.

Our workouts are never the same, yet we target areas for improvement. He has guided me in a considerate manner to overcome obstacles, hurdles and to stay motivated.  Now, when I look in the mirror, the results smile back.

If you have a goal and a will, bring them to Roger Yamanaka. He's one of the best-trained fitness professionals and you'll be on your way. As for me, I can't wait to get back in the gym.

Jennifer BryanCostume Designer, Los Angeles

Roger has been a highly valued member of the Orthopedic Physical Therapy Program in Outpatient Rehabilitation Services and is recognized not only for his level of clinical expertise and quality of care but also for the effectiveness of his teaching/mentoring skills for both colleagues and students alike.  Roger has consistently provided leadership through the sharing of his clinical knowledge and has often been the first person other therapists consult as a resource for information or guidance.

Roger's dedication to our services and his willingness to always be flexible and provide whatever extra help is needed, when it is needed, is also a testament to his professional character.  These efforts, as well as his positive and caring attitude toward patient care have been very much appreciated.

Sherry WashingtonCedars Sinai Director of Outpatient Rehabilitation, Los Angeles

I’ve known Roger Yamanaka several years.  Over a year I developed breast cancer.  I had surgery and went through five grueling weeks of radiation treatments.  I was then placed on anti-cancer medication which caused weakness together with flu-like symptoms.  I was feeling extremely stiff and my joints were aching terribly with annoying back pain.  Seeking some measure of relief, I started taking Pilates with Roger twice a week.  In a very short time my symptoms totally abated.  Roger’s caring, kindness and understanding helped me through this difficult period.  He gave me exercises to perform at home, which helped me on a daily basis.  I have learned so much from Roger’s Pilates exercises that I am now going three times-a week.  Not only is Roger a Certified Pilates Instructor, but he is a Registered Physical Therapist.  He is most knowledgeable in explaining how the body works.  Personally, I don’t know what I would do without him!

Linda AdlerStay at home mother, Los Angeles

I initially met Roger through physical therapy sessions recommended after my back surgery.  Thereafter, I signed up with him for Pilates training, which was something I was drawn to for many years. He gradually introduced strength-training, weights etc. in a balanced program that has improved my overall fitness. I feel more confident about exercising now. He always raises the bar a little and motivates to push a little harder. As a result, I feel stronger, more flexible and look forward to my sessions.

Since I started my sessions with Roger in May 2005, I have never regretted my decision. This is the only time I have ever felt motivated, stayed the course, and felt physically great in my life.

Professional, gentle, caring, encouraging, knowledgeable and yet humble--these are the qualities that impress me. He is a great example for me.

Aban CommissariatSmall Business Owner, Los Angeles

I was introduced to Roger Yamanaka when I was referred to Cedars-Sinai physical therapy for a shoulder injury. After a few sessions with Roger, I was very impressed with his overall approach to analyzing and communicating what I needed to do to recover and improve my strength and flexibility.

I had been looking for someone to work with me to address flexibility and other physical issues stemming from neurological related problems I had been dealing with over the past several years. Even though I belong to a very good fitness center with many personal trainers to choose from, I felt I needed to work with someone that possesses exceptional knowledge and abilities to address my specific issues.

I have now been working with Roger for over two years. It has been the best decision I made.  During this time he has improved my flexibility, strength, posture, and mobility. My weekly sessions with Roger have become very important for my overall well being. Throughout this period, Roger’s knowledge and expertise in understanding how the body functions and what is needed for my specific situation has been a key in my progress. He always amazes me when he introduces new items in conjunction with the routine items we do even after two years of working with him.

Currently, I am farther along than where I ever expected to be thanks to Roger. His ability to analyze and then incorporate remedies that lead to improvement has been significant in my progress and a huge motivation for me as I have experienced the positive results since working with him.

He is a highly skilled professional that takes a sincere interest in his clients. I feel very fortunate that I am able to work with him.

George RakisRetired General Mgr LA Convention Ctr, Golfer

I’m 68 and I started working with Roger in 2008 to recover from a bilateral hip replacement and address a shoulder impingement, which was limiting my ability to exercise. No problem. Roger immediately had alternative approaches.  Since working with Roger, my health has improved significantly! My shoulder impingement is rarely a problem, per an online fitness test, I have the fitness of a 30 year old and my resting heart rate is 46 beats per minute!

I’ve been incredibly impressed by Roger’s professionalism, his continued quest to improve and his attunement to my individual needs as a client. For example, if I’ve been away for ten days or so, Roger will slightly reduce the level of intensity to allow me to return to my previous level of performance gradually and safely before restarting our training. Our workouts continue to evolve, constantly changing to challenge me: Pilates, boxing, TRX, weights, core, balance and more recently, vestibular training to work on parts of the inner ear and brain that help control balance and eye movements.

Roger is truly at the cutting edge of knowledge. I have introduced him to my [personal] physicians as a resource because of his exceptional level of performance and my deep respect for him. Working with Roger is like working with a highly successful executive; he’s always on time, completely focused on the client and continually striving for excellence.

Jeff BalashCEO Comstock Investors

I have been working with Roger for over 2 years and I have never been stronger!  Due to serious illness, I suffered from several muscle injuries and general weakness; for years my activity was greatly limited.  Today, I do 4 to 5 hours of cardio exercise and 3 hours of resistance training each week.  Roger uses a combination of Pilates, resistance training, and stretching tailored to increase the strength and stability of the muscular system.  Roger is a wonderful trainer and physical therapist!  He is a complete professional.

Julia AllenAttorney, Los Angeles

Roger is a superb therapist and exceedingly knowledgeable, professional, innovative, and excellent in inspiring me to work through my recovery.

Philip SpaldingReal Estate Agent, Los Angeles

I consider Roger a Maestro.  Maestro is a term I use for someone who knows his craft, elevates it with continuing education and training, practices it with simple elegance, and teaches others in a very subtle and humble way how to incorporate the craft in their own daily lives.

I was part of a gym with lots of trainers and Roger stood out as someone who knew both theory and practice of body mechanics, prevention of injury from improper weight lifting, and increased core stability.  He worked with me patiently and ever so often varied movements and exercises, so I can gain better control of my movements.  It was a gradual process that was smooth,  with a master trainer who was smooth, caring, and highly respectful of what I could do.  Because of Roger's highly masterful abilities, I progressed easily.  There were days when I would come in with a very achy body, whose muscles were sometimes frozen, yet after an hour of training, as if magically, I am ready to take on life, minus pain.

Four years now with Roger, I have cultivated an inner desire and discipline to be physically mobile, to choose exercise, and a new confidence over my body's movements, while doing Pilates, weight lifting, core exercises, and boxing. Coming from a non-athletic, no sports, awkwardness in body movements, with categorically no interest in exercise,  Roger has facilitated a profound paradigm shift.  Roger has become my boundary line in living a fit and healthy lifestyle, moving farther away from a sedentary lifestyle.

Each day for me is now an adventure on how to move my body skillfully, gain an erect posture,  and many times, averted falls because of a stronger and stable core.  I am grateful that Roger is my trainer, who has influenced me to develop a deeper commitment towards wellness, health and fitness!  I cannot say enough to credit him with this profound shift in my physical health for I am not only blessed with a maestro, but a true friend and a role model of fitness!

Prosy Abarquez-DelacruzJ.D. Former Commissioner, Board of Civil Svc, LA